Students tutoring

Mentoring Ph.D. students

  • Andrea Bocchieri, Sapienza University of Rome (2020- present)

M.Sc. Thesis co-advisor

  • Master thesis Co-advisor: Leonardo Altamura, Pointing jitter noise reduction in HD209458 out-of-transit observation (2022)

  • Master thesis Co-advisor: Azzurra D'Alessandro, Phase-resolved spectroscopy with EXCITE for exoplanet atmospheric characterization (2021)

  • Master thesis Co-advisor: Claudia Masciulli, Synergies and complementarities between JWST and EXCITE: advancing spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres (2021)

  • Master thesis Co-advisor: Andrea Bocchieri, Learning from Exo-Planetary Populations (2020)

  • Master thesis Co-advisor: Flavia Amadio, Study of stellar activity impact on spectroscopic measurements of transiting exoplanets with ARIEL (2019)

Working framework and tools - guide

This document is a collection of guidelines from my years of experience in the research (it’s not much, but we really need organisation) to make you more efficient in your job than you are after your graduation.

This guide is constantly updated. Stay tuned and send me feedback to help me improve it.