Other interests


I am co-PI of the "Sguardi sul cielo del Lazio" project.

The project is supported by Regione Lazio on Vitamina G 2021 bursary.  

Visit www.shotastronomico.it 

I am the Italian contact person for ExoClock: a citizen scientists project to monitor the ephemerides of transiting exoplanets,

Press (science)

Books (fiction)

I figli di El.

Lorenzo Mugnai. Bibliotheka, 2018. ISBN:9788869343858.

Il cammino dei draghi. L'alba della guerra.

Lorenzo Mugnai, Lorenzo Righi. Sarnus, 2010. ISBN:9788856300390.

Il cammino dei draghi. Ali di pietra

Lorenzo Mugnai, Lorenzo Righi. Sarnus, 2009. ISBN:9788856300239

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Other projects & collaborations

Content creator.

Enigma Live game is a customizable digital treasure hunt for smartphones based on quiz embedded in QR codes.

Astronomers for Planet Earth partner.

Astronomers for Planet Earth is a grass-roots movement uniting astronomy students, educators, and scientists around the globe to share their astronomical perspective about the Earth and climate change with the public